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bout Mr. Delahay's studio. Thinks I to myself, here's a bit of luck for you, Jim Cooney. I had all the inf

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ormation I wanted. The next night I goes round and has a look at the studio. The thing was as easy as ea

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ting your dinner. I waited till it got pretty late, and then I got into the house from the back. Whe



n I did get there, I was rather alarmed to see a light in the studio. I crept along to the door, and looked in. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a gentleman p

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ainting there. When I looked at him again I had no difficulty in recognising Lord Ravenspur. "What he was doing there, I don't know. But seeing it wasn't his own house, I reckoned he wasn't likely to stay long,

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so I just sat down to wait patiently for such a time as I could have the place to myself. It wasn't more than an hour before I heard the door open, and two other people came in. They were a

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